The saltz family

Michelle and Ron Saltz have always felt most alive when interacting with and caring for the natural environment. Adventures in nature, whether rock climbing or concocting a meal with their own garden vegetables, are essential aspects of family time together with their daughters Ally and Hannah. 

Michelle had studied floral design, gardening, and sustainability at the NY Botanical Garden and Stone Barns when the couple encountered Anderson Acres for the first time. They instantly fell in love with the land and its history, and reviving the farm became the next chapter in their family story. 

In 2011 Michelle and Ron completed the purchase of Anderson Acres and broke ground on their dream home there, guided by principles of sustainability and giving back to the Earth. As the dream and the reality of owning a farm collided they kept at it, tending to the land in collaboration with others while learning as much as they could themselves. Four years later Anderson Acres is once again a working farm which grows and changes with every year and season. Their dream for the farm is that it will be a place of abundance, a playground for creativity, and a lesson in building community. Here they plan to settle down and share their vision with others. 


alex and kat Taylor | Managers

Kat is entering her second year with Anderson Acres and her fifth year as a full-time farmer. What began as an academic interest in the local food movement during college blossomed into a career. In her time on various farms she has grown vegetables and flowers, raised chickens, and milked goats and cows. Her favorite job is tomato pruning, and she’s never met a well-made farm tool she didn’t like.  

Following his studies in Outdoor Education, Alex divided his time between rock climbing and woodworking. For three years he managed a large climbing gym in Central Connecticut and traveled the globe. Just when he was ready to settle down, as luck would have it, he met Kat. The rest is history. Kat and Alex happily took on the complementary roles of Farm and Property Manager at Anderson Acres Farm in 2016. They had their first child, Augusto, in May 2017.  Meanwhile, they manage the farm alongside their mischievous black kitten, Tommy.   



Briana began working at Anderson Acres in February 2017. She was drawn to the warmth and charm that the farm exuded. Her favorite places on the farm are the greenhouse and high tunnels, and her favorite task so far is harvesting flowers. Witnessing the transformation from seed to flower is simple, beautiful, and so awe-inspiring. 

She has a B.A. in Communication, and a passion for continuous learning. Her previous job experiences were in landscaping and administrative roles. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her fiancé and dog, cooking with local ingredients, reading, and exploring the outdoors.



Mahalia joined the farm in March. She has always had a strong interest in sustainable farming. After college, and a short stint studying arctic ecology in Alaska, she decided to pursue farming full time. She spent last season in Santa Cruz, CA, completing the Apprenticeship in Ecological Horticulture at UCSC.  Her favorite farm task is pruning roses – or pruning anything, really. In her free time, she enjoys knitting, swimming and hiking in the area.